Urban Librarians Unite Plants Mini Libraries, Plans Conference

Urban Librarians Unite (ULU) collected more than 20,000 children’s books to help replace library collections damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The library advocacy and support group, founded by 2012 LJ Mover & Shaker Christian Zabriskie, also placed Mini Libraries in front of libraries that were closed by storm damage. Locations include Queens Library branches in Broad Channel and Seaside, and Brooklyn Public Library branches at Redhook, Coney Island, and Gerristen Beach.

The mini libraries hold about 100 books at a time, and ULU doesn’t expect any of them back.

“Our Mini Libraries will suffer from the same limitations as any little library,” ULU said on its website. “They could never be mistaken as an alternative to the branch libraries they substitute and intended to support. They do offer some comfort and succor, especially to kids and families, and they remind people that libraries–and their librarians–are nimble, caring and quick to respond to the needs of their communities.”

ULU rules. Give them your money.


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February 18, 2013 · 1:30 pm

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