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Welsh Government’s vision for credit unions set out by Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty

This and previous Welsh Governments are to be praised for the consistent support they have offered the credit union movement. To be fair – and this is rare praise – the UK coalition government passed important legislation that made it easier for organisations to become members of credit unions. Joined-up media campaigns, diversified financial products, online services….all these are a far cry from circa 2003-4 when I recall working alongside a credit union development officer in a Valleys local authority basically having to down tools and cease development work while the European Union ridiculously undertook an investigation into whether government support for credit unions amounted to unlawful state aid.

Wales Co-operative Centre

The Wales Co-operative Centre runs a number of projects that promote financial inclusion and that provide advice on money management. These projects are a key part of the Centre’s role in developing and implementing solutions to strengthen communities and promote inclusion in Wales. Rhian Hughes, who works on one of these financial inclusion projects, blogs about the recent Welsh Government Credit Union Conference…

Yesterday’s (Thursday 17 July) Welsh Government Credit Union Conference showed the innovative and flexible approach that credit unions have in Wales. Jeff Cuthbert AM, the Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty, set out the Welsh Government’s vision for credit unions in Wales and that modernising credit unions, so they attract more working middle income earners and work more closely to offer financial products nationally, will help make them fitter for the future.

From offering low cost loans and savings to those who are financially excluded, to offering…

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Modern Pioneers #9 – Amy Sanders, Dynamix

I’m thrilled that Dynamix has been recognised by the Wales Co-operative Centre’s Modern Pioneers campaign (which, incidentally, is a terrific idea).
I’ve commissioned Dynamix several times to work with Communities First Partnerships and, now, Clusters over the last five years. The team’s values and principles are always plain to see and the feedback I routinely receive from those CF teams with whom Dynamix has worked is always excellent. And invariably includes the word ‘fun’. They seem to so passionately enjoy their work. Here’s to another 25 years!

Wales Co-operative Centre

Co-operatives Fortnight runs from 21st June – 5th July. This year, we’re paying tribute to the Rochdale Pioneers who, along with Robert Owen, were among the forefathers of the co-operative movement.

We’re doing so by showcasing the work of 14 ‘Modern Pioneers’ from the Welsh co-operative sector, through a series of blog posts.

Today’s post looks at the work of Amy Sanders of Dynamix, which is a worker co-operative in Swansea. Dynamix specialises in subjects relating to youth work, co-operative & enterprise education and health & wellbeing, among others.  

Amy Sanders Amy Sanders

“Being seen as one of the organisations at the forefront of the co-operative movement in Wales is very important to us in Dynamix.  We are immensely proud of our 25 years as a successful workers’ co-operative and it is a fundamental part of our identity.  In Dynamix we are very committed to our unique…

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