Personal reflections on online learning #3

I’ve finally reached the end of week 1 of the University of Leeds’  Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started (BLE) course on The Open University’s Future Learn online platform. A convenient juncture to reflect once again.

I love discovering a new online app or platform. I can barely recall what life was like before I discovered Twitter (actually I can. I shared opinions, observations, ideas and interesting links with friends via texts and emails; but I didn’t make as many friends that way, as I have through Twitter). I discover more new music via YouTube than via any other means. I have finally discovered a relevance for Google+. I now run four WordPress blogs across my work-life continuum. Of course they don’t all push my buttons (I’ve been free of Facebook for over six happy years).

So when the course introduced Edmodo and Padlet there was the usual frisson of curiosity. I haven’t got round to exploring Edmodo yet but I have made my inaugural posting on Padlet.

My first thought was that Padlet resembled Pinterest. My second thought was how daunting it is to navigate. This is a only a small proportion of the number of posts on it.


How will I navigate all of them or discern which are relevant to my learning?

Reassuringly, the end of week summary poses a similar question:

How to keep up with everything being contributed?

We can’t, of course, and should not try to – join the conversation as you can, as you would join your colleagues over lunch.

And this makes perfect sense of course. Just because a library has thousands of books doesn’t mean you are expected or need to read them all. But libraries help you navigate their collections and I’m not sure Padlet conveniently does that.

I can see how it might complement our podcasts on community involvement with listeners able to post different links, resources and comments inspired by the podcast discussion they are listening/have listened to.

It’s still early days though. As a visual learner and ‘scanner’ of websites, rather than someone who reads in detail, Padlet is certainly a better stimulus for me. I don’t suppose, either, that applying Padlet to a Communities First context the wall would grow anywhere near as large as the BLE course one.

On to work 2!



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