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Film club: The Edible Bus Stop


Marmalade Productions shot this clip in support of community development in Brixton. Edible Bus Stop is a great example of a community taking collective responsibility for its own patch. [The Edible Bus Stop – Found via tweet by @robintransition 22 May 2013]


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I recently interviewed Lance Forman, owner of H Forman & Son, a family business from east London. Their business was once where the Olympic stadium now stands (on the running track I believe).

The audio can be heard here. Here is a transcript…

How was H Forman & son founded?


I have previously blogged twice on the notion of legacy in Wales: how a community development approach might help establish a sporting one at community and neighbourhood level; and how ‘succulent lamb journalism’ in Wales all too often fails to hold to account government, its sponsored bodies and the vested interests that promote huge sporting events for the supposed public legacy they bring.

This is a sobering insight from a long-established business that could not be any closer to the Olympic site so would appear to be well-placed and informed to comment on the post-event regeneration upon which the Olympics were justified not just morally and commercially but (as the blog saliently reminds us) legally.

Succulent lamb journalists in Wales would do well to follow the 2012legacy blog….

Legacy 2012 – What happened next: Regeneration is failing – Lance Forman

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